If you’re a public servant in Canada, you can use GC Notify to update GC staff and members of the public.

GC Notify helps you quickly create, customise and send emails and text messages. To learn about delivery speed, read our service level objectives.

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Create reusable templates

Create a message template to edit and reuse as often as you need. You will not need to write a new message each time.

Email messages can have formatting such as bolds and bullets.

Learn about formatting emails

A screen shows a reusable template. Under the message there's a save button.

Personalise messages to each recipient

You can add custom content to your templates, such as a recipient’s name and reference number.

Learn about personalising messages

A screen shows a reusable template, with variables highlighted for custom content.

Send messages automatically when an action is triggered

For example, GC Notify can automatically remind users when it’s time to renew a document or permit. To automate sending, integrate the API with your web application or back office system.

Learn more about API integration

An example of the API with simplified code.

Send multiple messages at one time

Use the API or send manually with a spreadsheet. If you do not have a spreadsheet, GC Notify can create column headings with your variables.

Learn about using spreadsheets with GC Notify

A button to add more recipients. Below the button, a spreadsheet shows three recipients. Each row contains their email address, their name and a colour.

Track bounceback messages

Check the date and time GC Notify delivers a message, or the reason the message could not be delivered. Track these stats in a real-time dashboard and download reports for your records, for up to 7 days after sending.

Learn more about message delivery status

A screen shows a summary of all emails and text messages sent in the last week.

Schedule the date and time to send messages

You can schedule sending up to 72 hours in advance.

A screen shows how to schedule a message by choosing a date and time.

Customise your name and branding

Use the default Government of Canada branding, or customise branding for your department or organisation. You can choose the sender name for messages as well as the email address that users reply to.

An email message shows branding for the Government of Canada.

Assign team roles

Set permissions for different team members to control who can access, create, edit, and send messages. You can also invite stakeholders from other government organisations to join your team.

A screen shows possible permissions for team members: See dashboard, send messages, add and edit templates, manage settings and teams, and manage API integration.