Keep users of your service informed by sending email and text message updates through GC Notify.

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Create reusable templates

Write and send emails and text messages to many people from one single template. In GC Notify, you’ll create a message template that you can edit and reuse as often as you need. This way you won’t need to write a new message each time.

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An illustration that shows how a message template can be created.

Personalise messages

Tailor your messages with relevant information to each recipient based on a single template using variables. Variables add placeholders, such as a recipient’s name and reference number, that can be filled each time you send a message.

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An illustration that shows how a reminder message can be personalised using variables such as first name, date and time of appointment.

Send in bulk or automatically

Send up to 50,000 messages at once or automate sending when an action is triggered. To send in bulk, upload an Excel spreadsheet with a list of contacts and schedule the date and time up to 72 hours in advance. To automate sending, integrate the API with your web application or back office system.

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An illustration that shows an example of code with an automated notification being sent by email when a reminder is due.

Track bounceback messages

Write and send emails and text messages to many See how many of your messages get delivered. Track the current status of any message to learn when it’s delivered, when it’s not, and why it failed. Check these stats in a real-time dashboard for up to 7 days after sending, and download reports for your records.

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An illustration that shows a dashboard with the number of emails and text messages sent and the number that failed to send.

Assign team roles

Write and send emails and text messages to many Set different permission access for different team members to control which people can see, create, edit, and send messages. GC Notify also lets you invite stakeholders from other government organisations to your team.

An illustration that shows possible team member permissions including seeing the dashboard, sending messages, editing templates, managing settings and integrating the API.

Customise your name and branding

Use the default Government of Canada look and feel provided by default, or customise your branding for your department or organisation. You can choose the name that messages come from and the email address that users reply to.

An illustration that shows an example of an email notification. The example is a message confirming that an application was received.