Updating contact information

GC Notify’s terms of use require that you enter accurate, active email addresses and phone numbers. 

Problem email addresses can disrupt GC Notify

Amazon Web Services (AWS) may suspend GC Notify if we send too many emails to problem addresses. Until we resolve the suspension, GC Notify will not be able to send your messages.

More reasons to keep records current

Your recipient may never receive your emails if:

  • You’re using an email address that does not exist.
  • There’s a permanent problem with their email address.
  • Messages to their email address fail consistently. If this happens  GC Notify or a carrier will block sending to that address.

Recipients will not receive messages sent to inaccurate addresses. This may also:

  • Infringe the privacy of the intended recipient.
  • Impact other individuals on that recipient list. AWS and other carriers may mistrust and block messages from that list.

Using the dashboard to find problem addresses 

The dashboard shows the percentage of your messages that failed and the subset of failures due to problem addresses. 

From the dashboard, you have two options for more information.

In the box with the percentage failed, there’s a link to review reports. This link navigates to a page with more details. You can filter that page to show only problem addresses.

An example showing 6 emails, followed by a list of problem addresses.

You can also view problem addresses in the last 24 hours. From the dashboard, use the link to review email addresses.

An example listing 2 problem addresses over the past 24 hours. The addresses can be used as links to more information.

Remove or correct problem addresses

Check that problem addresses are entered properly and correct mistakes.

If necessary, use another method to contact recipients and confirm their contact information. Remove addresses you cannot correct.

Internal communication

When new staff join your team, you’ll include their email address on your recipient list. 

Create the email address before sending messages to it. If GC Notify sends to an email address that does not exist, that address will be permanently blocked from receiving our messages. If someone creates that email address later, GC Notify will still not be able to send messages to it.