Terms of use

The following terms apply to use of GC Notify, a product operated by the Canadian Digital Service (CDS). GC Notify is available for use by Canadian federal departments and agencies to send service transaction updates.

As a service owner, you must accept these terms prior to being able to use GC Notify to communicate with the public.

To use the GC Notify service, you and your service team must:

  • Get individuals’ consent to send messages and to use data they provide for this purpose.
  • Ensure that your use of GC Notify complies with your organisation’s privacy requirements (including the Privacy Act and any relevant departmental legislation or policies).
  • Ensure that the data you add to GC Notify are accurate, and comply with applicable information management and data retention requirements.
  • Complete all applicable privacy and security steps required by your organisation.
  • Not send messages containing information above the classification level assessed for GC Notify (currently Protected A).
  • Tell CDS immediately if you have any security breaches, and comply with applicable privacy requirements.
  • Keep your API (application programming interface) keys secure.
  • Pay for any SMS text message usage above the free allowance (currently 25,000 text messages per year).

Using GC Notify also includes accepting the applicable terms of use of Amazon Web Services, the underlying infrastructure provider.

Departments and agencies using SMS text messages will pay for all text messages sent through GC Notify at the cost-rate charged by the provider to CDS, unless these messages are part of the free allocation. Each organisation can send 25,000 free text messages per year from each service created.

Service teams can leave GC Notify at any time by emailing assistance+notification@cds-snc.caCDS reserves the right to stop sending notifications on behalf of departments and agencies if they do not follow the terms listed above, in order to protect GC Notify’s technical infrastructure and other users of the service.

For questions related to these terms of use, or to report an issue, contact us.