Archived version: Privacy notice for staff using GC Notify, September 2022

The GC Notify website is a product of the Canadian Digital Service (CDS), part of the Treasury Board Secretariat. The CDS website has its own privacy practices

GC Notify lets government organizations send email and text messages to staff and members of the public. You can create a GC Notify account if you work in the public service. 

Your organization must protect recipients’ personal information

When you send messages through GC Notify, your organization is responsible for:

  • Protecting the personal information of recipients.
  • Complying with the policies and laws of your organization and jurisdiction. 

To learn more, visit our Terms of use.

We collect your personal information

Your personal information includes your name, email address, and mobile phone number. The Financial Administration Act section 7 allows us to collect this information. You can read more about this authority in the Standard PIB PSU 915.  

If you contact us or create an account, we use your information to reply or confirm that you’re authorized to use GC Notify. 

We also log Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The IP address identifies the location of the computer or mobile device that you use to visit GC Notify. We use the IP logs to monitor GC Notify’s network and security. We do not link these logs with your name, email address, or phone number.

Your information stays in our archives after your account is deleted. For details on where and how we store your information, visit GC Notify’s Security Statement.

We use web analytics

Analytics show how people use our webpages. By studying how people navigate, we can improve GC Notify.

We use Google Analytics for information about:

  • Pages people visit, links they select and documents they download.
  • Types of operating systems that visit GC Notify.
  • Browsers that visit GC Notify and the browser’s approximate location.
  • Date and time of visits.

 We do not use analytics to collect information that could identify you or your location.

We share some information

If you use other CDS Platform Services, we may share information with those services to improve your experience.

We use technology and services from other organizations. For example, to prevent digital attacks, we share information with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) about when and how you send messages.

We also use some services from the private sector. For the list of services, both public and private, visit Other services used by GC Notify

We do not:

  • Authorize other services to use your information for anything unrelated to GC Notify.
  • Sell or rent your personal information.
  • Share your personal information for marketing purposes.

We may share information with law enforcement by court order.

When you send messages with GC Notify, local laws may affect the information. For example, the USA Patriot Act could apply to information processed by servers in the United States.

We protect your privacy 

We handle your information under the Access to Information Act, Financial Administration Act,  Privacy Act and Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.

We also follow the Standard on Privacy and Web Analytics 

To learn how we use technology to protect information, visit GC Notify’s Security Statement 

You have privacy rights

The law requires that we protect your privacy. You have the right to access and review your personal information. Use your GC Notify account to check, correct, or update your information.

You also have the right to raise concerns about how we handle your personal information. To learn more or to make a formal complaint, contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada


Contact us.

Last updated: September 7, 2022

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