Message delivery status

When you send a message it moves through different states in GC Notify.

You can check the outcome to see whether the message was successfully delivered or failed and track the number of messages sent and their status after sending in the real-time dashboard.

For example:

An example of how the message delivery status displays in the application after sending 8 messages total. A dashboard shows 2 are sending, 5 were delivered and 1 failed. This data is available for 7 days and is downloadable in a report.

For security reasons, this information is only available for 7 days after a message has been sent. You can download a report, including a list of sent messages, for your own records.

Types of message status

GC Notify has the following types of message delivery status:


This means that GC Notify has sent the message to the email or cellular provider. If a text message was sent internationally, some countries do not provide any additional delivery information.


This means the message was successfully delivered to a user’s inbox or phone. GC Notify will not tell you if a user has opened or read a message.


If a message fails to be delivered, you can retry after 72 hours or try a different channel. If a message fails consistently you should remove these contacts from your database.

A message may fail to be delivered for several reasons:

  • The email address or phone number does not exist.
  • The recipient is not accepting messages right now.
  • The message is being blocked by the email or phone carrier.
  • The message content is invalid or is being blocked as spam.
  • The destination is on a blocked list.
  • The recipient has opted out of messages.