Delivery and failure

GC Notify sends messages according to our service level objectives.

We report messages as:

In transit as soon as you select “Send” or schedule to send

If you send text messages internationally, some countries do not confirm delivery or failure. GC Notify may report these messages as continuously in transit.

Delivered when we confirm delivery to a recipient’s inbox or phone

We do not know whether a recipient has opened or read a message.

Failed if we confirm delivery failure

If a message fails due to a problem with the email address or phone number, use another method to contact this recipient

  • The recipient may have opted out of messages.
  • The phone number or email address may not exist.

If a message fails because of a content or inbox issue, review content, then wait 48 hours and resend. If the message still fails, contact us

  • The recipient’s inbox may be full.
  • GC Notify or a carrier may have blocked the message because it included an attachment that’s corrupted.
  • The content may have been treated as spam.

If a message fails consistently,  remove the recipient’s contact information from any records you use for GC Notify

The recipient’s email address may be on a blocked list because:

  • Messages to that address failed multiple times.
  • The recipient reported your messages as spam. 
  • The email address has not been created yet.

If a message fails for any other reason,  retry after 48 hours

The real-time dashboard reports:

  • Total number of messages from your service. 
  • How many of these messages are in transit, have been delivered or have failed. 

After sending a message, you have 7 days to download a report. Reports include a list of messages from your service.

An example of how a report dashboard displays in the application after sending 6 messages total. A navigation shows 1 in transit, 3 delivered and 2 failed. This data is available for 7 days and downloadable in a report.